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Armuor Rx
GingiMed 0.63% Stannous Fluoride Oral Care Rinse assists patients that might benefit from an antimicrobial rinse that contains fluoride. GingiMed is indicated for those patients who have tooth decay, sensitivity, or gingival bleeding.
Provides antimicrobial activity in the mouth
Combines fluoride delivery with good daily rinsing habits
Alcohol-free formula
Available in three high compliance,
3 flavors available:
Caribbean Ice, Cinnamon, Mint
Pump & Shaker Vial Provided
Armuor Rx 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish Fluoride varnish applications are becoming an increasingly popular form of topical fluoride application in the dental office.  Armuor Rx varnish applies with a thin layer and clear coat.
Contains xylitol
Easy to use all-in-one packaging
Provides 22,600 ppm fluoride
Affordably priced for cost savings
Available in melon, mint, bubblegum, strawberry flavors
0.50 ml unit dose packaging

Fluoride varnish applied every six months is effective in preventing caries in the primary and permanent dentition of children and adolescents.

Two or more applications of fluoride varnish per year are effective in preventing caries in high risk populations.

Fluoride varnish applications take less time, create less patient discomfort and achieves greater acceptability.

Report of the Council of Scientific Affairs, American Dental Association, May 2006

NeutraMaxx 5000 Plus Turbo
NeutraMaxx 5000 Plus is a sodium fluoride dentifrice formulated for the treatment of patients best suited to receive single step additional fluoride incorporated into their everyday home oral care regimen.  NeutraMaxx 5000 Plus also contains 5% potassium nitrate indicated for patients with sensitivity.
Contains xylitol to assist patients with dry mouth symptoms
Compliance-friendly mint flavor
SLS free formula provide for less abrasiveness of the dentifrice
6 month supply when used as directed
4 oz. Tube
Doctor's Choice Gel
Kid's Choice Gel
Doctor's Choice 0.4% Stannous Fluoridebrush-on-gel is formulated for those patients determined to benefit from a product that may reduce caries development through plaque reduction.  Doctor's Choice is also indicated for sensitivity.
2 Flavors available:
Cinnamon, Mint
4 oz bottle
Kid's Choice 0.4% Stannous Fluoride brush-on-gel is formulated for those patients determined to benefit from a product that may reduce caries
6 flavors available:
Bubble Gum, Cherry, Cotton Candy, Grape, Hint O' Mint, Limeade
4 oz bottle
AdvantageRx Kit
Chlora Floss
AdvantageRx Oral Care Kit provides the dental professional with the ability to simplify the preventive care follow up for their at risk patients.  The kit utilizes easy to follow instruction to combine brushing with an increased fluoride dentifrice, antimicrobial rinsing, use of fluoride coated floss, and regular tongue debridement. These home care steps seek to improve the overall oral health of patients that may benefit from both better hygiene habits and professionally recommended oral care products.

The Advantage Rx Kit Contains:
(1) GingiMed Oral Care Rinse
(1) NeutraMaxx 5000 Plus Turbo Dentrifice
(1) Chlora Floss medicated floss
(1) Tongue Sweeper
(2) Adantage Toothbrushes
(1) Dr. Du-More's Flossers
Chlora Floss is a chlorhexadine & sodium fluoride coated mint flavored floss.  Each roll contains a fifty-four yard spool and yields 108 treatments..
Chlorhexidine 0.12%
Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.12% oral rinse is indicated for the treatment of gingivitis, swelling and redness of the gingival tissues, and bleeding gums.  Chlorhexidine Gluconate is prescribed often in conjuction with periodontal therapy to help control these symtoms.

Mint Flavor
4 oz Bottles
16 oz Bottles
OrthoGuard Rinse
PureSmile Whitening
OrthoGuard 0.44% Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride Rinse is formulated to assist those patients that will benefit from a great tasting, high compliance rinse that provides additional fluoride as part of their daily home care routine.
16 oz. bottle
4 flavors available
Grape, Icy Cool Mint, Orange and Strawberry

PureSmile Professional Whitening System will give your dental office one of the best values in the industry. the standard start-up kit contains six whitening syringes, tray material, tray container, and NeutraMaxx 5000 Plus for any sensitivity that might occur. 
PureSmile refill kits contain two syringes for touch up and for experienced whitening patients.

Xylimist can be used throughout the day. It is ideal for use after meals, snacks, coffee, tea, or smoking. XyliMist provides an exceptional fresh mouth feel. It is also great for patients suffering from xerostomia or oral malodor
  • Available Flavors -Refreshing Mint
  • Stimulates saliva flow to help strengthen teeth
  • Fights malodor
development through plaque reduction.  Kid's Choice provides a safe alternative to higher concentration fluorides when a child has been determined to be at a higher caries risk by a dental professional.
NeutraMaxx 5000 Gel
NeutraMaxx 5000 ppm gel fluoride product provides the same increased fluoride in a gel form that can be placed into tray delivery.  NeutraMaxx 5000 now contains 5% potassium nitrate and xylitol.
Contains xylitol to assist patients with dry mouth symptons
SLS free formula
Mint Flavor
4 oz. Bottle or 4.3 oz Bottle
NeutraMaxx 5000 TCP delivers more fluoride, helps strengthen enamel, and repairs lesions better than conventional 5000 ppm prescription fluoride toothpastes. The 1.1% sodium fluoride anti-cavity formula containing tri-calcium phosphate, makes NeutraMaxx 5000 ppm TCP an outstanding choice.

Contains xylitol to assist patients with dry mouth symptoms
Compliance-friendly mint flavor
SLS free formula provides for less abrasiveness of the dentifrice
6 month supply wewhensed as directed
NeutraMaxx 5000 TCP
Each syringe contains 3 ml of whitening solution compared with common 1.25 g found in most professional systems
800-227-1296 · 1506 N. 2nd St. Rogers, AR 72756
  • 10 mL yields 260 uses
  • Contains agents to stabilize collagen & native tissue proteins
Cal-Sof is an organic product that rapidly penetrates multiple layers of calculus to promote quick breakup of mineral attachments on oral surface and roots.